Eat Smarter

The No-diet diet. Don’t resist food – Eat it!

  • No calorie counting for most (unless you want to).
  • No blame – we do not believe that if you are overweight it is your fault.
  • No shame or guilt – we don’t do public weigh-ins.
  • No hunger – nobody has the willpower to fight hunger day in and day out.
  • No restrictions that you can never stick to.


If you’re fed up of hearing “Just eat less and move more” but don’t know what else to do, then maybe you just need a little coaching and encouragement.

With some education included, you’ll soon be confident in your ability to make healthy choices to nourish yourself and your family indefinitely.

Better nutrition can help anyone who is feeling run-down, overweight, is ill a lot with colds etc., has stomach problems, IBS, allergies, asthma, skin problems, repeated infections etc. etc.