If we want to make our calories count, i.e.  we don’t want to waste any, all we need to do is avoid a few things

  • avoid anything that will do us harm
  • avoid anything that will cause inflammation
  • avoid ’empty’ calories

So everything we eat should not only provide energy but also the vital resources our bodies need to achieve or maintain optimal health whether they be fats, amino acids, probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, fibre etc.

Somehow in a mere 2000 or so daily calories we have to provide all the elements that contribute to our health.

Our daily food intake can be made up of foods that are rich in nutrients, or foods that are lacking in nutrients.

Nobody can eat perfectly all the time, but we can certainly stack the odds in our favour so that an occasional indulgence has litle or no impact in the larger scheme of things.

You have a set amount of calories to play with – use them wisely.