60% to 80% of runners get injured!


  • Some are short term problems
  • Some are recurring¬†problems
  • Some end up as long term chronic problems

Most are treated with a combination of rest, painkillers and anti-inflammatories.

Some are just ignored and ‘put up with’.

The focus is always on treatment and perseverance.

Natural Running Form Focuses on Injury Prevention

If we can run more naturally, more efficiently, taking less energy, creating less stress on our bodies, we can not only begin to prevent these injuries occurring, we can start to really enjoy our running.

The beginners running lessons are a group format working on introducing simple techniques through demonstrations and drills and gradually incorporating these into short practice runs.

We train for speed, stamina, strength and good running form using a variety of methods including sprints, intervals, hills, time trials, and no-pressure social runs.

Eliminate bad habits and become a better runner.

Call or Email if you have questions, or just turn up Рjust £4 per session.

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